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Welcome to Hummer....


My my name is Hummer, not named after the well known hummer's that drive arround worldwide, as i was born a long time before the first Hummer truck was ever made by AM General in the United States of America. You might say that it was quite a surprise for me

when in the year 1992 this company released the first civilian Humvee, named the Hummer.


It was nothing more then logic thinking for me as a big brown bear to check this vehicle out as i  heared that it was big enough for me and my family which i can't say from other US made cars.

So back in 1992 i bought my first Hummer truck and i took it everywhere i could drive with it.


This everywhere is actually worldwide and on this web site i will take you on a worldwide hummer trip to show you all the nice places where i have been with my hummer. In the past years i have driven a Hummer H1, Hummer H2 and a Hummer H3 and i have to say the the Hummer H1 was the most impressive one of them all.


Not because the Hummer H2 or Hummer H3 arent good but they are not Humvee's anymore if you know what i mean. I hope you will like this web site devoted to Hummers and will tell about it to your friends.


With regards,

Hummer the bear :-)


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