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Hummer Brunei - H1 at Jerudong Beach.


Good day my friends! This is me and my Hummer H1 at the beach of Jerudong City, Brunei Darussalam. Strolling by the beach while sipping fresh coconut can't be as good. By the way, I'm actually trying my photography skills here, taking pictures of pretty girls in bikinis.

Aside from the beach, the city is also famous for its amusement park, Jerudong Park Playground, which is the largest and once the most grandest in Asia. They charge B$5 for adults and B$3 for children inclusive of all day rides. As for bears like me, they said its free!
Yesterday was indeed lots of fun. My favorite ride is the Superkart Formula 1 & 2, imagining that i am Mario in Mariokart as what I always play in my Nintendo DS.

Hummer Brunei


I was happy to see a lot of kids wanting to have my autograph. Oftentimes a kid would just come out of nowhere and jump at me with a big hug. Well, being a huggable bear like me is not that easy with quite a lot of fans to accommodate.

I also enjoyed watching the Dancing Fountain which is one of its kind in Asia. It rhythmically dances with music and laser lights!

Just minutes walk from this park is Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei's largest city and capital.


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