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Hummer China - H1 at Qianqing Palace, Forbidden Palace, Beijing.


Greetings from China! This is Me and my Hummer H1 at Beijing, China infront of

Qianqing Palace or the Palace of Heavenly Purity which is inside the famed Forbidden City. The Forbidden City, the seat of 24 emperors of China during the Ming  and Qing Dynasty,

and is now a Heritage Site covering 72 hectares.

I was touring the rest of Beijing for three days now, but I guess even a week is not enough,
the city is nothing like others. There are palaces, temples and stone walls that will surely

marvel you. I must say that the Orient definitely has a charm of its own, from its architecture, arts and culture.

Beijing was the host of the fabulous 2008 Olympics which was held at the newly constructed Bird's Nest.

Hummer China


Well, now I have a different perspective of China, more than the bowl of wanton noodles I usually eat at a local Chinese deli. Hahaha. Btw, Chinese girls aren't bad looking either, just look at them during the Olympics! I can forgive their english as long as they bear hug me all day...mmm.


After the olympics i meet my cute chinese girlfriend Ling whom I knew from this Chinese dating page.


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