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Hummer Germany - H1 at the Sowjetisches Ehrenmal, Berlin.


This is me with my Hummer H1 in front of the "Sowjetisches Ehrenmal" a monument located at the "Strasse des 17 Juni" in Berlin. This very large monument was opened November 7th 1945, the day of the October revolution in Russia. The monument is flanked by two Russian tanks who where among the first tanks that attacked Berlin at the end of world war II.  It honors the 300.000 Russian soldiers that lost their lives in the battle of Berlin.


The monument has been designed by Nicolai Sergiejev and the soldier statue on the top of the monument has been made by Lev Kerbel. It's also a military cemetery and not only a war monument as 2500 Russian soldiers did find their resting place there.


Hummer Germany


The monument was located on the western part of Berlin in the British controlled sector of Berlin untill the fall of the Berlin wall, November 9, 1989. Even it was located in the British sector, soviet soldiers from the Russian sector had permission to visit the momument. 


Later that day I fetched several girlfriends whom I knew from a German dating site. They told me they were my "Certified Hummer Fangirls from Germany". Cool eh? I think I should start my stardom career here.


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