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Hummer Greece - H1 at the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, Corinth.


Greetings from Greece! It's Me and my Hummer H1 at the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, Corinth, Greece. Apollo, the Greek god of light and sun looked probably like me, with golden laurels around the head and a well built body.

The Temple of Apollo was built mid sixth century BC, and originally has 38 Doric columns
with only 7 of it left standing to this day. The temple, is one of the oldest in Greece.

Corinth, on the other hand is an ancient city, inhabited since the 5000 BC.
During the 10th century BC, it has the largest territory and also the richest commercial center in all of Greece. The ruins of temples and other structures here in Corinth now only leaves us to imagine the glory the city once has.

Hummer Greece


The city we now know as Corinth, is a new one founded on the coast of the Gulf of Corinth.
The old one was brought down by an earthquake during 1858. Just an hour and a half drive away is Athens, the capital of Greece.


Helena...hmmm...hmmm. Helena of Greece is my dream girl who looks like goddess Aphrodite. I

came to know her from this sexy girl link page. Ohhh la la... I will treat her to a fancy restaurant for dinner...and I shall present her a diamond ring.


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