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Hummer Korea - H1 at Hwaseong Fortress, Suwon.


Anyong Haseo! After having a taste of spicy kimchi, I decided to go to Korea.
Of course, bringing my favorite Hummer H1 with me. After spending several days
at Seoul, as once again I was baffled by the weird hangul signages, I was on
my way to Suwon.

Here is the picture of Hwaseong Fortress, which was built in mid 1790s by King Jeongjo.
Being a bear interested with Hummers, I do not know much about Korea. Other than their
spicy and sometimes bland food or the Korean movies like Old Boy and Lady vengeance,
Korea is definitely new to me.

Hummer Korea


Later I was back in Seoul in search for other tourist attractions. Lotte World is a theme park which has high altitude rides that almost scared the bear out of me. Jongno tower is also a must see, definitely one of the coolest looking buildings.


Being the bear royalty that I am I deserve none the less to be treated like a prince. So, I am now staying at Hotel Prince Seoul, which I personally hand-picked from this Korea hotel page.

Well, see you later, I still have to watch a K-pop concert of the Wonder Girls, 2NE1 and Baby VOX. I just can't get enough of the song "Nobody But You" I fantasize about Korean girls.

Being the techie bear that I am, I simply googled about them. Korean girls have a different taste in fashion, but they wholly look good. I started browsing about popular Korean actresses from this Korean girls page, then I decided to look for a Korean date. Ahahaha, Hummer bear now chooses a new girlfriend!


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