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Hummer Norway - H1 at Lom Stave Church, Lom, Oppland, Norway.


Welcome to Norway! Lucky I didn't get lost because my GPRS just doesn't work today. I just found this really handy Europe Maps link.This is Me and my hummer H1 at Lom Stave Church at Lom Norway. This was built during late 12th century. Stave churches like this are common during the medieval times which are made of wood with post and beam support.

Here at Lom, I visited Jotunheimen National park. I took a picture of the mountains with its two peaks being the highest in Norway. Tourists come here because this is a prime location to hike and fish. Which I have yet to try another day. Did you know that this site was where prehistoric hunters of the Stone Age set up their camps. Hmmm, how about prehistoric bears?

hummer Norway


Aside from what's in the municipality of Lom, the county of Oppland has other attractions. Maihuwagen, an open air museum with about 200 buildings. I spent one whole day viewing its collections, which are mostly old houses and farm yards. The oldest ones date back to the middle ages.

Also at Oppland is Hadeland Glassverk, a museum which showcases fine and creative glassworks. You can also watch the actual process of making them.

Well, there's a lot of other places I have to visit, and also lots of foods to eat. So, bye for now friends.


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