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Hummer Argentina -  H2 infront of the Cathedral of La Plata, Argentina.


Buenas Noches! Me and my Hummer H2 are here at Plaza Moreno in Argentina. The structure at the back is the Cathedral of La Plata, a large Catholic Church built during late 19th century.

Whew...this day was actually tiring but very much worth the fun. I have been stalking pretty Latinas since this morning. Just when I thought that I was caught by a group of girls
who were chasing me, they actually jumped to me with a big hug. Imagine that!

Even Latinas can't resist me. Don't you just envy my bear charms? Whoever wishes a Latina girlfriend, I recommend you to visit this Latina dating page.

The city of La Plata is known as the city of famous Evita Peron. Aside from the musical Evita and the song "Don't Cry for Me Argentina", I know from my bear sense that she probably loved Puchero like me. Puchero is actually meat and vegetable stew. Best served with rice. Mmmmm.

hummer argentina


There are also sights that I liked in Buenos Aires. The Floralis Generica, huge metal sculpture that opens and closes like a real flower, depending on the suns rays. Amazing eh? Passing by the neighborhood of La Boca is like walking past rows of mini toy houses, as they are all painted bright. If your into Bohemian and likes to learn tango, Plaza Doreggo is a delight to visit.

Well, I'm not letting go of a chance to meet a pretty Latina. So better I get back there, and do a bear tango. See you! 


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