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Hummer UK - H2 at Warkworth Castle at Northumberland, England.


Welcome to Britain! It's Me and my Hummer H2 again greeting you a warm hello
from Warkworth Castle at Northumberland. This castle stands on a raised ground,
at a loop of the River Coquet. Owned for a long time by the Percy Family,
it was the residence of the earls and dukes of Northumberland. Getting around UK is

a breeze eventhough my GPRS doesn't work and that's because I am armed with all

these UK maps.

Northumberland is a county in England, UK. There are a lot of beautiful sites we visited like
Churnsike Lodge which is a victorian hunting lodge, Coquet Island with its seabird colonies like puffins, Hadrian's Wall which dates back to the time of the Roman Empire and Dunstanburgh Castle which is the largest of all castles in Northumberland.

Hummer UK


If you like beaches, Northumberland has miles of golden sand add up scenic ancient castles which stood by the sea. Seafood restaurants are abundant in coastal villages. A popular one is Craster Keepers.


Annika is my UK dream girl, and I came to know her online, from this UK dating page.

Oh well, we have a lot of things to do so, I better get going.



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