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Hummer Mauritius - Me and H3 at a beach in Mauritius.


Its a bright sunny day here at Mauritius! This is surely another beach get away for me and my Hummer. Well guess, how many girls in bikinis I caught on cam? Haha. The answer is...super many. Yes, I have that evil bear grin now. You bet.

So, what else is here in Mauritius? Surely not dodo birds, but beaches which make it a perfect tropical paradise. Even Mark Twain commented about the island's beauty as written in his book "Following the Equator", saying that it is created before heaven and that heaven was copied after it. The island is simply one of a kind, because it is actually an extinct volcano with rich corals surrounding it.

Hummer Mauritius


Belle Marre is one of the best known beaches here. Tourists and locals just love the beach.
It has pristine white sand, clear blue waters lined with hundreds of coconut trees.
It also has two golf courses and is just close to shops, restaurants and leisure facilities.

Well, I still have to get around and familiarize myself with the crowd here. As with food,
I ordered beef beryani and octopus salad to be served for lunch.


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